USPSIn 1999, Johan Bruyneel took over as Sports Director of the United States Postal Service Cycling Team, which was commonly referred to as the "Bad News Bears" of cycling. In that same year, Johan laid down his "We Might as Well Win" master plan which resulted in Lance Armstrong shocking the cycling world with his first Tour de France crown. Lance & Johan went on to win 6 Tours & 1 Vuelta a Espana while flying the USPS flag. The team's presence reignited cycling in the USA and made Lance a household name throughout the world.

If you've ever dreamed of racing up Alp d'Huez or leading the peloton on the Champs-Élysées, you most certainly envisioned yourself riding for Johan's "blue train" team. A team that will always be remembered for not only what they achieved, but how – with hard work, class and professionalism.

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