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15 December 2014 at 18:30

Every Downside Has An Upside

I've been Tweeting about being back on my bike again and thought it would be a good idea to share more.
My injury after my ski accident prompted me to look for the kind of exercise which would be ideal for the rehabilitation of my leg and knee.  I needed a circular movement with minimal impact on joints, tendons and bones - and the bike provides just that.  Not to mention the fact that it feels very natural to me, probably even more so than walking, since I must have been spinning my legs millions of times over the course of my long cycling career.
So here I am… I would have never thought I would do this again, and enjoy it so much! Reunited with the bike - feeling like a kid again. Up to a point where I feel sometimes
embarrassed with my huge smile. And when I feel that embarrassment , I say to myself: "Screw it, who cares?" I'm having tons of fun and haven’t been feeling this good for a long time.
Thanks to my misfortune with my ski accident, resulting in a bad multi fractured tibia and tibia plateau, I got back on my bicycle, after more than 14 years!!!
Things happen for a reason!
Here’s a little clip from part of my ride yesterday. It may seem like nothing extraordinary, but considering where I’m coming from and how little I could move over the last months, this feels like a huge victory to me.
Thanks for following, and stay tuned for more fun reports on my bike adventures.
Take care.

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