Johan Bruyneel Receives 2009 Flanders-America Award

Johan Bruyneel Receives 2009 Flanders-America Award

(New York, NY) - On February 25, Johan Bruyneel, the eight-time winning Tour de France sports director received the 2009 Flanders-America Award from the Flanders House New York. The annual award is given to an individual who has significantly contributed to the relationship between Flanders (a region of Belgium) and America. Bruyneel, most known for leading American cyclist Lance Armstrong to a record seven Tours de France, accepted the award at the opening of the Flanders House New York, an organization created to help promote the economic and cultural interests of Flanders in America.

The award was presented to Bruyneel by Flanders House New York Executive Director Filip Fontaine and Minister-President of Flanders, Kris Peeters. In front of a capacity filled crowd at the New York Times Building, Bruyneel touched upon the shared values of both Flemings and Americans that led to his historic run with Armstrong. "My success with Lance was based on many shared values that both Flanders and America hold – determination, professionalism and winning with integrity.    It’s this that I’m most proud of – not just what we won, but how we won.  We may just be two people, but I think our accomplishments exemplify what happens when individuals, groups, governments and countries come together with the same goals and values."

Armstrong was unable to attend the ceremony, however sent a video message congratulating Bruyneel. "It is an honor to send a video to my coach and longtime friend, Johan Bruyneel. In my opinion, Johan is not only the greatest coach in sports, but in the history of sports. He's clearly not only had an impact on me and other cyclists, but also people from Flanders, America and other countries throughout the world."

Following the ceremony, Flanders House New York hosted a reception, where Bruyneel signed copies of his book, "We Might as Well Win."

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