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30 May 2013 at 08:00

The Power to Inspire



I've met a lot of people through cycling.  To start off with - many of you, the fans.  While I may not know your name nor anything about you, I have always appreciated the cheer at the bus, the friendly smile or tweet of support.  Then of course, there's been colleagues (teammates, riders, support personnel), who over the years have become close friends and my second family.  And then … What everyone's most curious to know about …. The famous people I've had the pleasure of meeting and often times hosting in the car.  From Presidents of countries to Fortune 500 CEOS to Rockstars to Hollywood Actors.  But among all the people I've been fortunate to meet, there's one that stands out.  Yes, one.  And it may surprise you because you may never have heard of him.  


More powerful than any words I can write is this video. More powerful than the video is meeting him in person.  And more powerful than that is the honor to call him a true friend.


You may see the video is ten minutes.  You may think that's too much time.  I get it - We get caught up in our own worlds - the business meetings, running to see friends, picking up the kids, checking the smartphones, etc.  There are millions of reasons that you don't have ten minutes to spare. But I'll leave you with this - spend ten minutes with this video and your outlook on life will change.  What you need or have to do can wait ten minutes. 


Go on, click play. 



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