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"After I was diagnosed with cancer and was trying to make a comeback, Johan was the first person who told me that I could not only return to the sport, but win the Tour de France.  This wasn't some complex motivational trick or complex psychological strategy. Johan looked deep into me and understood something.  And whatever he saw changed my life." - Lance Armstrong, Seven-Time Tour de France Winner

"It's simple.  I wouldn't have won one Tour de France without Johan let alone seven in a row." - Lance Armstrong, Seven-Time Tour de France Winner

"We [Lance & Johan] are more than brothers. We both understand each other so well. If we were brothers we would be twins." - Lance Armstrong, Seven-Time Tour de France Winner

“I learned huge amounts about the sport and racing from Johan. He was always an excellent director in the years that I spent with him. I realize how hard it was for him to balance the needs of riders on the team last year, and I still have a very respectful relationship with him.” - Alberto Contador , Two-Time Tour de France Winner

"There are very few [who] lead a team as Bruyneel does. I know that [because of] tactics applied at certain stages." - Alberto Contador , Two-Time Tour de France Winner

"He readily acknowledges he [Alberto Contador] owes a huge amount to Bruyneel, describing the Belgian as "an excellent director, who knows how to read a race extremely well". He then adds with another smile, "one of the key things that I will want to do now is to make use of a lot of that experience (with Bruyneel) with the team we have now because it's invaluable." - Alberto Contador , Two-Time Tour de France Winner (as told to

"His strong instincts that continually strengthen his self confidence have made him the legend that he is today." - ROAD Magazine

"So for me and some of the younger riders it's like: 'We're here with Johan Bruyneel, if we can't develop and be better cyclists under him, then we're never going to do it'." - Sam Bewley, Professional Cyclist

"You can be on the bus and it can be raining and everyone is like 'this sucks' and then Johan comes on and he a motivator. He is able to change things around. Every race I ever did where he was the director, it was amazing. Maybe you weren't riding so well or whatever - he'll just say one little thing to you or the group and it just changes the whole group." - Jason McCartney, Professional Cyclist

"The exodus away from Team Astana by these riders is because Johan Bruyneel is the obvious manager of the new Team Radio Shack. Johan Bruyneel’s teams have been the most successful stage race and grand tour teams of the last decade. Johan is probably the first choice as Team Manager for almost all the riders in the professional peloton today." - Bob Roll, Cycling Commentator

"Johan Bruyneel could inspire a tortoise to sprint! Hist tactical reflexes and sharp coaching eyes have honed his athletes into the most calculating winning machines of all time.  As a coach he has found no rivals and as a professional team director he plots the route to success for those lucky enough to be led by him." - Phil Liggett, Cycling Commentator

"In a sport where even the greatest riders and teams lose much more often than they win, Johan Bruyneel has carved out a remarkable record of victory as a team director - and his honest, behind-the-scenes stories show the way to success in cycling and in life itself." - Eddy Merckx, Five-Time Tour de France Winner

"Johan Bruyneel is a madman behind the wheel.  He is also the strategist behind one of the most amazing episodes of dominance in recent sports history. You have to lack a pulse not to be inspired." - Robin Williams, Academy Award Winning Actor, Comedian & Cycling Aficionado

"In the 2001 Tour de France I spent a day with Johan Bruyneel, who was coach, driver, nutrionist, TV commentator, and negotiatior with cycling officialdom - all at a frenetic pace." - Phil Knight, Cofounder and Chairman, Nike

"Just met Johan Bruyneel in Colorado Springs last night and heard his stories of how he helped create the greatest Tour de France champion in history. His story was so simple and human. It reminded me that there are no amount of numbers in the logbook that can replace heart, precise planning and total belief in possibility." - Mark Allen , Six-Time Hawaii Ironman Champion

"Johan is the Vince Lombardi of cycling.  He has an uncanny ability to identify, talent, nurture and support talent, and allow every athlete to perform at his or her highest level.  In a competitive setting, he is a brilliant strategist and tactician.  Put simplye, Johan has the complete tool kit for winning!" - Thomas Weisel, Founder & Chairman, USA Cycling Development Foundation

"Not only were his cycling stories entertaining and motivating, more importantly, the message about the impact of effective teamwork and leadership was right on target for our event." - Lynn Pederson, Vice President, Windermere

"Johan's visit to AMD was a once in a lifetime experience for cycling fans and non-fans alike to learn about leadership, teamwork and winning that went above and beyond the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong." - Dave Kroll, Vice President, AMD


"Johan said at the beginning of his speech that he wasn't trying to be an inspirational speaker, but I think he was underestimating the power of his talk. It is an inspiring opportunity to hear someone like Johan who has accomplished so much explain what he has learned thanks to some of his experiences, and to do it in such a personal way." - Peter Everett , Marketing Director, Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestle & General Mills)

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