"We Might as Well Win" Book  Tour

Greetings from San Diego!  Looking over the San Diego Harbor from my hotel balcony, taking in some sun and relaxing.  Eva and I decided to take a couple days for ourselves after the book tour.  We were just talking about the tour … A week ago we were in NYC, which seems like months ago!  In 6 days, we stopped in NYC, Portland, SF, San Jose, Seattle and San Diego.

I would like to thank all the bookstores, bike shops and corporations who hosted the “We Might as Well Win” book tour.  And of course all the fans who came out to get their books signed.  I won’t recount the entire tour, but I’ll briefly list some highlights.

  • Seeing Margie from Nike, who hosted a corporate book signing at their Beaverton headquarters.  It’s always great to catch up with old friends and Margie and the entire Nike Corporation were always supportive of the USPS and Discovery Channel Teams.  After the event, Eva and I had the opportunity to shop at the Nike Employee Discount store – Safe to say - our suitcases are definitely heavier now than when we first left!
  • Speaking at Google was a great experience.  The Google campus is quite amazing and I can see why it’s rated the #1 place to work in the US.   Pool, gym, beach volleyball, massages, complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner (and great food) – sounds more like a resort than a place of employment.  The joke is that I now need to institute this work atmosphere model at Johan Bruyneel Sports Management.  Special thanks to Dylan Casey, former USPS pro cyclist and current Google employee/resort member for hosting me.
  • Thom Weisel (owner of Tailwind Sports) invited me and Eva to his house for dinner before my appearance at Book Passage in Corte Madera.  We caught up on the USPS & Discovery Channel days and the latest with Team Astana.  He’s always been extremely supportive and I’m very thankful for his friendship all these years.
  • As I mentioned in a previous blog, when I’m at the races there is so much going on that I don’t have as much time as I’d like to meet the fans.  This tour gave me that opportunity and I want to thank everyone who came out, listened to my talk, asked questions and have supported both me personally and the USPS, Discovery Channel and Astana Teams.  It was a real pleasure and I hope you are all enjoying the book.

Pictures and articles from the book tour will be posted on the site so stay tuned!

Another bonus was having Eva come with me on the book tour.  She had a great time and I appreciate her patience and support.  Trust me, it’s very tiring to travel every morning to another city and then do 2-3 appearances plus interviews, but she was great!  Some people were asking where Victoria was … Now it certainly wouldn’t be very fun for a 4 year old to tag along on the book tour so she spent some quality time with her grandmother (Eva’s mom) in Valencia.  We spoke to her every day and like any child is, having a great time running around the beach and playing in the sand.

Let’s see what’s up next … We are flying back on Tuesday, arriving in Madrid on Wednesday morning.  Thursday and Friday at home, then off to the Tour to be a guest commentator on VERSUS with Bob Roll and Craig Hummer.  I’m really looking forward to this opportunity and I hope Craig and Bob will enjoy it as well.  One last note - Before I leave, I’ll be doing a live chat on  It’s scheduled for the last hour of Friday’s stage.  The information will be posted on my homepage as soon as there are more details.  Hopefully you are enjoying my Tour de France blogs … The links to those blogs are posted on the homepage and “In the News” section (click on “About”)

We’ll talk again from Europe.  Take Care - JB

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