The Million Dollar Ride

Laying on the beach here in the south of Spain, I’m already thinking about my next adventure. July certainly was filled with its fair share of excitement and now August is the annual vacation month for me and my family. But every year, after a week or so laying on the beach, there comes a time when I start thinking of “What’s next for me to accomplish or do?”

Back in early Spring I received a call from F.K. Day who is the Executive Vice President of SRAM, but also proudly serves as President of World Bicycle Relief. He and his wife are two of the most passionate people I’ve met (I would also include Lance in this group) who have dedicated their lives to changing the world and helping others. From time to time, F.K. will call and update me on the latest happenings with World Bicycle Relief. It’s very interesting to hear F.K.’s stories on just how a simple bike can drastically change someone’s life and better yet, save people. Before I became a Board Member of World Bicycle Relief last year, I’ll admit that having a bike was something I took for granted. I grew up on a bike and have been surrounded my entire life with some of the most expensive and nicest bikes in the world. But when reading the stories or looking at the pictures, it doesn’t take long to change that mindset - to realize how useful a bike can be and how people’s lives have improved because of two wheels and the work of World Bicycle Relief.

Getting back to F.K.’s call – He told me that he was getting tired of telling me the stories, sending me pictures and small video clips. He wanted me to REALLY experience the power of the bicycle – to lead a group of people on an adventure throughout Africa to not only witness the work of World Bicycle Relief, but also be actively involved – building and distributing bikes, seeing first-hand how the bike enables students to get an education, or how AIDS/HIV caregivers use the bike to visit their patients more frequently. For me, this is something that I’ve wanted to do since F.K. sat in my house and explained the World Bicycle Relief mission back in 2008. It’s one thing to be affiliated with an organization, but it’s another thing to be an active team member, and I am honored to have this opportunity. So on October 30, Eva and I will arrive in Zambia – we’ll spend some time exploring beautiful Africa and going on bike rides with our guests, but the most important thing we’ll do is help F.K. and World Bicycle Relief succeed in their mission of changing the world, one bike at a time!

I not only wanted to share this in hope that you’ll consider joining me, Eva, F.K. and others at World Bicycle Relief on this amazing journey, but also in hope that you’ll visit the World Bicycle Relief website to read the stories and see the great work being done on a daily basis. We’re all fans of cycling, many of you even ride, but next time you watch our sport or go on a ride, just do me a favor - think about how lucky we are to have a bike in our lives and the power it holds for many throughout the world!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support –


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