Looking Towards the Off-Season

As many of you already know, my off-seasons aren’t really spent on my couch or in bed. Some days, I wish they were, but the truth is, I would get pretty bored … And quickly. So as the cycling season winds down for 2009, I thought I would take some time and update you on what lies ahead.

But before I get into that, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes during my illness in August and September. It was just a very bad virus that really got to me and left me very tired. I would wake up, take Victoria to school and immediately go back to bed till the early afternoon. It was very frustrating, but luckily I am feeling better and now going into the office instead of back to bed!

So now that I have my energy back, I’m getting back on airplanes, meeting people and accomplishing what needs to be accomplished. It all begins (or should I say “starts again”) this weekend in Nice with a speech to a group of CEOs in the medical industry. It’ll be a small, but influential gathering of people from throughout the world. It’s one of the things that I enjoy most these days – sharing my story and applying it to other areas in life or business. Now you may be asking what my life as a cyclist and sports director has to do with being a CEO of a medical corporation. Well on the surface, probably not much. But when you look deeper, there’s a lot of common themes or parallels. To name just a few – motivating people based on their personalities, finding and managing talented people, working with a diverse group of international people, learning from “losing” or disappointing experiences. So I’m looking forward to that and hope the CEOs will find great value in my talk and our interactive session.

Next week the travel doesn’t get any lighter, with a trip to Paris for the annual Tour de France presentation. The rumor mill is swirling on next year’s route and I’m looking forward to the official announcement. After that, I’ll head directly to Austin with Lance as I continue to prepare and shape our exciting project – Team RadioShack. The riders and staff, or as I like to call it, “the core” have been put into place. Now it’s just a matter of getting all the other details (which are equally very important) together, and ultimately getting the entire unit functioning both effectively and efficiently.

And before you know it, it’ll be time to head to Africa and lead World Bicycle Relief’s Million Dollar Ride. Eva and I have both been to Africa before, but never before like this! Needless to say, we’re both quite excited. I know many of you won’t be able to join us, so I’ll do my best to share this experience with you via pictures, blogs and maybe even some video. Hopefully you’ll be able to see and feel the true power of the bicycle!

Tired yet?!?! Well, it doesn’t stop there. For starters, there’ll be a training camp in early December, and with my trip to Africa ending in mid-November, that doesn’t leave much down-time in between … Which will be spent on another exciting project called “Win Your Race.” About a year ago, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Carl Van de Velde. Now if you don’t live in the Benelux region (and if you are asking what is Benelux – BE-lgium NE-therlands LU-xembourg), then you may not be all too familiar with Carl. Carl is the #1 Belgian peak performance coach. Many people know Anthony Robbins - Carl is somewhat similar, but at the same time different and unique from Tony. I’m not trying to compare the two – just give you a general idea. Carl has been very successful in helping people get the best out of themselves. He’s coached many CEOs and employees and probably is best-known for his work with Kim Clijsters, who had one of the most successful comebacks in 2009 by winning the US Tennis Open. I think we all know another person who had quite the comeback! Getting back to the story - Carl said he heard about my speeches and asked if I would want to combine both of our philosophies on life and business into one event. I thought this sounded interesting – I’ve respected Carl and his coaching style, read some of his books and have even incorporated his wisdom into my own daily life. And from that call and some follow-up meetings, we created Win Your Race – Life & Business Coaching Seminar. For those of you who attend our seminar on March 24 in Rotterdam, I think you’ll gain a lot of value - Our philosophies are quite synergistic, yet we both have different experiences to share. I’ll certainly talk more about the event as we get closer, however you can learn more about it, as well as my partner Carl, on the Win Your Race website.

Well I’m starting to wonder if this is my longest blog to date? Maybe. Hopefully you’ve read this far and I haven’t put anyone to sleep! I think I’ve written enough for now, plus it’s almost 4:00 in the afternoon Madrid time. For me, it’s the most important time of the day – picking up Victoria from school. So with that, I’ll sign off for now.

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