Let's Get it Started!

Here we are, book tour round 2!  First stop – the Big Apple!

Eva and I arrived on Sunday afternoon, dropped our bags off and quickly started for Fifth Avenue!  Summer sales combined with the weak dollar/strong euro make for some nice shopping!  I’ve heard of Europeans flying over to the US solely for a shopping weekend and when you see some of the prices you pay, I see that it’s well worth all the travel costs.  One place to note is the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue.  Even if you don’t own any Apple products or have no interest in them, I still suggest you drop by this store.  It’s a tourist attraction, packed with people playing with the gadgets, people taking pictures and learning about the latest and upcoming products!

As you all know, I wasn’t in NYC to shop … And Monday didn’t leave any time for that!  I started off the day doing a CBS interview for their Tour de France show, followed by an interview with the Wall Street Journal and then off to Bloomberg TV for their “Night Talk” show.  The CBS show will air this weekend and “Night Talk” is scheduled for Thursday … As they say, “Check your local TV listings for more information!”  On top of this website blog, I’m also writing two daily Tour de France blogs – one at and the other for a Belgian newspaper.  So if you’re asking where the Tour de France commentary is, you’ll find it there!

I then spent the evening at Border’s on 57th talking to a standing-room only crowd of New Yorkers.  A good start when there’s not a seat left in the house!  Hopefully, we’ll keep the streak going on the West Coast!

So this morning we said goodbye to New York and off to the West Coast we go.  I’m looking forward to today!  I’m going to do a corporate appearance at Nike’s headquarters.  It will be fun to catch up with Margie Wargo, who supported the USPS and Discovery Channel Teams the past few years.  Margie is now the Marketing Manager for the Lance Armstrong division at Nike.  So no worries, Margie is kept quite busy these days!  Then in the evening – Powell’s bookstore.  From what I hear, this is one of the biggest independent bookstores in the country so I look forward to seeing this mega-store!

More stories to tell soon, but for now a little shut-eye on the way to Portland … Johan

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