New Flanders Winner, New Excitement (With Radios)


First things first. Congrats to Nick Nuyens on winning Belgium's most prestigious classic. It's always special to win Flanders, but when a Belgian wins on home soil, well it doesn't get much better. Chapeau to Fabian, as well. He may not have won, but don't mistake - he is looking strong, very strong! As for Team RadioShack - well, what can I say. Some days you have good legs (and some luck) and some days you just don't. Thursday Seba and Michal had them in De Panne. Sunday, we didn't. That's bike racing for you. Hopefully there'll be better days ahead.

So a very, very exciting race … And let's not forget - that was WITH radios. Yes, WITH radios. Did any of you say, "I'm going to turn this race off. They're riding with radios and this is boring."? I think if anything, more people were turning ON the television to see the battles taking place, as well as the in-car access that was broadcasted on television. This was something never done before - where live feeds were accessible in every team's car allowing viewers to hear the sights and sounds coming from the director's car. This is what I (and many others) believe the fans need and deserve. It makes our sport more appealing to watch on television and brings a whole new level of behind-the-scenes excitement.  And dare I say - it's a technological advancement in our sport! From what I'm hearing, television broadcasters, fans and sponsors loved the access and are still talking about it today!  For those of you who watched around the world, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the in-car television access. Please feel free to state your opinion here.

Short blog today.  I have some meetings in the next couple days before heading to the Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco.  Before I go, I just want to publicly THANK all riders and staff of Team RadioShack. When I was suspended by the UCI, Dirk, Alain, Eki and Ace took over the leadership of this team at the races. And in those two months, we've won 10 races from 7 different riders and had 5 Best Team Classifications. What this shows and proves is that we are a TEAM. It's not just riders wearing the same jersey and traveling to the races in the same bus. And it's not about any one single person. It's a united group of riders, staff and sports directors that puts the team's goals above any individual. Our philosophy is not just words we say, but rather words we believe in. Words we live and race by. And in the past two months, I couldn't be prouder of this team!



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