El Angliru & Lance's Comeback

Well, we just got back from El Angliru.  Not an easy time getting down that mountain with all the people lining the climb.  Great atmosphere and an amazing job by not only Alberto, but the entire Team Astana.  I’m going to save the race analysis commentary for my blog, which I’ll write in the next couple days.  Certainly check back here for the link.

Well, by now the entire world knows about Lance’s comeback to professional cycling.  Certainly I’m not writing a blog to tell you about this, however you may be wondering why there is nothing posted on the Team website.  Well, to be honest, there’s nothing official to say!  And that’s for two reasons.  First – Lance and I really need to sit down and talk about everything.  And this is not the call that’s going to be a quick one.  There’s a lot to discuss.  Second and most importantly, I and the rest of Team Astana are focused on winning the Vuelta a España and right now anything else is a potential distraction.  And this is not the race we can afford to lose any focus! This has been our major goal from early on and it would be extremely rewarding to have Alberto on that top step in Madrid.  After this race is over, we’ll all learn a little more about this situation. Just wanted to let you guys know the latest here.

Thanks again for all the support.  The entire Team certainly appreciates it.

We’ll chat soon … Johan  

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