Dear Fat Cyclist - Part II

Dear Fat Cyclist -

I don't know you personally, but I'm very very impressed with what you and your friends have done in a very short time.  I always want to see my riders succeed, and the same goes for you, but I never thought you would accomplish the two goals so quickly! 

I must say - you have a very clever and generous fundraising strategy. You could have easily taken the signed Trek Madone 6 series powered by SRAM bike for yourself, but you used that and a SuperFly bike (which you got on your own) as giveaways.

So Fatty, we will see you at camp!!!  And to be honest, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your cycling talents.  If they're anything like your fundraising skills, then maybe it's time for you to quit your day job!?!

So congratulations to you and everyone who has helped you along the way!!  World Bicycle Relief and LIVESTRONG are two causes that I'm very supportive of and it's been nice to see such a great response!!

But that's not the only reason I'm writing. 

We were talking about you this morning at the breakfast table.  I saw you were approaching $25,000 for each organization and everyone was telling me that I couldn't let you just stop there.  One rider said, "It would be like me winning Stage 3 and then stopping! Make him go for MORE!!"  It's tough to argue with that logic.  So I made another call - This time to Trek Travel President Tania Worgull to see if she wanted to set a new goal for you. And it just so happens she did! So here we go ... The BIG prize!

By Friday December 11, 12:00 PM US Mountain Standard/Tucson, AZ Time you must have met the following criteria

- A Grand Total minimum of $50,000 for World Bicycle Relief


- A Grand Total minimum of $50,000 for LIVESTRONG

If those two criteria are met by the stated deadline, Trek Travel will donate one 2010 Paris Finishing Package to witness the finale of the Tour de France!!  And yes, airfare will be taken care of.

Now how about THAT for a prize?!?!

Fundraising page links stay the same.  You just need to get $50,000 for each organization (and you're already over halfway there with the amount you raised so far).

World Bicycle Relief -  or


Keep doing what you're doing and I'm confident one of your Team Fatty friends will be in Paris come July!

Good Luck -


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