5 Days, 5 Cities, 9 Appearances

Believe it or not, book tour #1 is in the books … No pun intended! What a journey – Austin, Philly, DC, Wisconsin and Chicago and now back in Spain. 2 appearances/day, media interviews, early mornings, late nights, but all worth it! I’ve said it before, but thanks again for all who came out, asked questions, and supported my new project. Hopefully you are enjoying the read!!

Here’s a picture of me signing a book … I’m not sure how many I did last week, but I do know it was A LOT! The bookshop owners would joke that I needed to ice my hand between signings.

So back home now in Spain, but not for long … Shocking, I know. Where am I going you ask? On Thursday, Alain Gallopin, Geert Duffeleer (Operations Director) and I are heading to Kazakhstan for the National Championships. If you know anything about Team Astana, then you know that the Kazakhs are big-time cycling enthusiasts, love the sport and have a tremendous amount of national pride. With 8 Kazakh riders on our team, the three of us will go to support them and meet with our title sponsors and Kazakh officials. Right now, Max Iglinskiy wears the Kazakh champs jerseys … With 8 Pro Tour riders on our Team, we stand in good shape to keep it on the Team.

Between now and then, I’ll just be at home spending time with Eva and Victoria … And of course a few interviews mixed in here and there! The good thing is that it’s finally hot enough in Spain to jump into the pool … Which is exactly where I’m heading now …

Talk to you when I get back from Kazakhstan … Johan

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